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City Calculator enables smart, inclusive growth for cities

It should be easy for mayors to source suppliers for city projects from their communities and fairly support minority- and women-owned businesses with new contracts. What is needed is an innovative solution that intelligently matches suppliers with projects based on capacity, experience and job requirements.

A city project calculator looks at multiple aspects of a project, match the capacity, experience and project
specifics required to execute contracts with local companies, and then provide a hiring suggestion that yields a
more diverse and inclusive list of suppliers. In addition to matching, this tool will also assist with the promotion,
engagement and tracking of analytics from minority and women-owned businesses on their capacity and relevant experience for jobs.

City government employees will be empowered to hire the best combination of suppliers to achieve diversity
goals, support local business, and successfully deliver projects with a positive return on investment.

The FSE Company and Motion Mobs are developing the City Calculator for 2020. 


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